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Donkey Calf Machine

Donkey Calf Machine
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Donkey calf raises are... without question... the best exercise in the world for building calves. No other exercise even comes close. Standing calf won't do it and seated calf raises won't do it. You've got to do Donkey's if you want terrific calves and this is the best Donkey Calf Machine I've ever seen! The exercise must be done with bare feet to get the full extension and full stretch. That's why we've used soft gum rubber to keep from hurting the bottoms of your feet. The calf block should be exactly 4 inches from the floor so you can barely touch the floor with your heels each rep. This gives you a stretching goal to shoot for.

You need a padded elbow rest to take the weight off the triceps while doing the exercise. You need grips to help you pull up on the last few hard reps.

Construction specs: High, industrial quality tubular steel, foam and naugahyde Size: 77' length, 24' width, 44' height Weight: 115 lbs. Shipping charges are extra for all equipment.

Contact Larry Scott Research for a quote. Our equipment is custom made and takes six to eight weeks to manufacture

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