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Flat Bench With Incline

Flat Bench With Incline
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This bench does triple duty. It can be set to 25° which is perfect for working upper pecs and the seat can be set parallel to the floor, which is perfect for chest power. Also, it can be lowered to do all kinds of flat bench work. Finally, the seat is low enough to keep your hips lower than the knees when doing seated curls which gives you extra power.

The angle of the back of the bench should be adjustable to 25 degrees not just 45 degrees as is so often seen.

The seat should be parallel with the floor not perpendicular to the back rest. This will keep the hips and shoulders in the unique “bridge” position which gives so much more strength to the upper body while at the same time preventing pressing off the low back which causes low back injuries.

The seat should be low enough so the dumbbells are easy to clean into pressing position. Also, this lower position will keep the hips slightly lower than the knees which gives more strength on any seated movement.

The back of the bench should be no wider than 8 inches so the back isn’t pinched when doing presses.

Construction specs: High, industrial quality 2” tubular steel, foam rubber, and naugahyde. Shipping charges are extra for all equipment.

Contact Larry Scott Research for a quote. Our equipment is custom made and takes six to eight weeks to manufacture.

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