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Forearm Bench

Forearm Bench
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The Forearm Bench is the key to building huge biceps. Let me explain what I'm talking about. When you're doing a heavy biceps curl, if you can't first curl the wrists, you'll never be able to curl the arm. That's why powerful forearms are so critical to building incredible biceps. But it can't be just any bench. It has to be designed just like this...

The bench must be high enough so the 45 lb plates won't hit the floor when the wrists are fully extended. Yet, it should be low enough so the heavy weight can still be lifted into wrist curling position and even more important, this lower height will also allow you to get your hips lower than the forearms. This is very important because it gives tremendous mechanical advantage allowing you to use a lot more weight.

The padding should be special high density foam to keep all pain off the back of the forearm. It should be no wider than 14 inches so you can get your knees around the bench which again gives you a lot more power both while getting the weight into position and while doing the exercise.

Construction specs: High industrial quality steel, naugahyde and foam rubber. Size: 20' length, 15' width, 14' height. Weight: 30 lbs. Shipping charges are extra for all equipment.

Contact Larry Scott Research for a quote. Our equipment is custom made and takes six to eight weeks to manufacture.

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