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V Dipping Bar (Wall Mount)

V Dipping Bar (Wall Mount)
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These "V" Dipping bars are a little different than what you normally see. They are designed this way in order to really hit the lower pecs. Even if you've got a stubborn set of pecs they can be forced to grow using this kind of dipping bars. The Wall Mounted Dipping Bars have the same benefits as the Free Standing except this one can be mounted to your wall to save space and money.

The bars should be made of at least two inch square steel (not round) so the "reversed hands" will not cause pain in the palms.The bars need to be in a "V" shape so the hands can be reversed without undue stress on the wrists. This will allow the elbows to stay forward for maximum stress on the outer and lower pecs. The bars need to be high enough so the legs extended forward will not hit the ground.

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