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Training Reports "Sharing The Secrets"

Training Reports "Sharing The Secrets"
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Check out these hot new "Sharing The Secrets" training reports. Get fabulous insights to Larry Scott's world of competing to win: Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia. They all include great training tips and never seen before photos. Why waste your time trying to figure out things on your own, when you can learn them from a champion?
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Thousands of words or pure training inspiration. This is a TREASURE! Comes with a 3-ring binder and a table of contents for easy reference. This is so clever! Learn how to make better gains and actually get out if the gym quicker. Contains a whole workout schedule.

The Greatest Workout In The World  
2. Build Massive Deltoids Part I
3. Build Massive Deltoids Part II
4. Build Massive Deltoids Part III
5. Build Massive Deltoids Part IV
6. Build Massive Deltoids Part V A 5 set volume of the greatest deltoid building secrets you've ever seen. Deltoids are hard as the devil to build without getting injured and once you hurt your shoulders, man it takes a long time for 'em to heal. That's why this training system is so neat. You can blast the tar out of 'em without getting injured.
7. The Best Bicep Routine I've Ever Used Explained in total detail... even how to tailor the intensity... all the little secrets to building simply stupendous biceps and it's done with just one little piece of equipment.
8. How To Put A Mountainous Peak On Your Biceps Once you've built 'em huge with Report #7 this report will tell you how to put some peak on those things. Nobody thought it was possible but... I totally changed the shape of my biceps just by using this exercise.
9. How A Preacher Bench Should Be Designed Tells you exactly how a Preacher Bench should be designed. Every important detail. If you're using one of those flat hard things, you might as well forget building biceps.
10. Secrets of Using An EZ Curl Bar The Right Way For Huge Biceps Is this a clever idea or what? You won't believe it until you try it but... if you use the EZ curl bar just as I tell you in this report... you can build some wonderful lower biceps. Trust me, you've never done this exercise before.
11. How To Add An Inch To Your Arm... In 45 Days Talk about a super tricep building package. This report will teach you more about building triceps than anything you've EVER read or I'll give you every cent of your money back. You won't believe the size you can build on the back of your arms until you try these unique movements.
12. How To Build Forearms That Force Your Biceps To Grow Find out if your forearms are stunding your biceps size and how you can solve the problem.
13. Building Forearms That Look Like Bowling Pins Why forearms are so darned important if you want to build huge biceps and... the best forearm building system I have ever used, explained in careful detail.
14. How To Build Incredible Pecs On A Pipe Rack If your pec program has gone sour and you just can't seem to get any more growth out of 'em, try this exercise. You'll love it because your pecs will grown like crazy.
15. Discover A Totally Unique Exercise For Building Stubborn Pecs If you're pec program has gone sour and you just can't seem to get any more growth out of 'em, try this Flying Ring exercise. You'll love it because your pecs will grow like crazy.
16. What To Do When Bench Press Doesn't Work If your bench press isn't cutting it and... your shoulders are complaining, you need to switch from "triceps-pec exercises" to "biceps-pec exercises" to heal your shoulders and still make gains. In fact, this is so good you should use it for a change even if you aren't injured.
17. The Secret To Incredible Upper Pecs If you want to build some incredible looking upper pecs, the kind that flow right out of your neck... these reports are for you because you'll learn about the best upper pec building exercise I have ever found. You haven't done it, I promise.
18. Building A Great Back Probably the greatest back building secret I've ever run across. Once you learn this you'll never work your back the same again. You'll see why... most back work is "arm work". Not any more because... you learn "scapula rotation"... the key to a beautiful back.
19. Discover The Secret To Thigh Biceps The problem with most thigh biceps exercises is... you just can't use enough weight to build any size but... with this one you can. It's another one of those exercises you haven't heard of before and... it's great for huge hams.
20. Revealing The Secret To Building Stubborn Calves
21. This Simple Trick Will Explode Your Calf Development
22. It's no secret, calves are tough hummers to build. They just plain hurt but... you know what... there's a few tricks you can use not only... to reduce the pain but... to give some added growth. You're going to love this! How Just Changing Your Wrist Position Can Double Your Gains How to transfer a lot more stress to the very muscle you're working just by using the correct position of the wrist. Believe me, this is important. It can make a huge difference in your growth in triceps, shoulders, biceps and pecs. It's something you should know and use constantly.
23. The Amazing Exercise That Gets Rid Of Pot Belly And Low Back Pain This is so good I can't stand it. I wish I had the space to tell you how I discovered this but let me just say... It's one of the greatest training breakthroughs I have ever been a part of. I even developed a unique piece of equipment to make it even better.
24. Turn Your Pull Down Bar Upside Down For Better Gains This is... a funny title but the concept is anything but funny because this little trick... turning the pull down bars upside down... will give you much better scapula rotation. Which means much better growth. Wait'll you try it. You'll see.
25. How To Get Rid Of Inflamed Joints If you're training hard, you're going to get injured... it's just a matter of time. If you don't know this simple method to getting rid of injuries, I feel sorry for you because you're suffering needlessly... it's not that difficult. Once you learn this, you'll be helping everyone.
26. The Training Secret That's Better Than Steroids You know... there's lots of little tricks you can use to increase your progress. These reports are a collection of some of the best. I dare say, it's these kinds of things that make others think you're using steroids.
27. If You're Going To Workout... This Method Works Best More really clever ideas about how to make better progress by working smarter. If I could have one day with you to show you these things you'd never train the same again. I've included a lot of the stuff that only my personal training clients get.
28. Why It's So Easy To Get In Terrific Condition and... Stay There Bodybuilding is big business today. They're not about to spread around any nuggets when there's a whole passel of claim jumpers watching. Let's talk about the secrets. The kind that once you hear 'em. You'll say, "Hey, that makes a lot of sense. Why didn't I think of that myself." I've crammed a whole lot of these things in this report so you can learn from my 42 years of personal insight.
29. How To Use The Pain Zone For The Fastest Possible Growth Hidden within each exercise is a special "Zone" which holds 80% of all the growth. You don't have to train harder to get bigger you just have to spend more time in this "Pain Zone". It's where all the "goodies" are hidden.
30. Revealing The Secrets To Getting Huge Like A Bull Ever noticed one of those huge bulls that just sit around all day munching clover... never work out and yet they stay huge. Learn all about how to use some of this same chemical wizardry in your own nutrition. You'll hold on to your size so much better you won't believe it.
31. How To Use A Tape Measure To Get Huge If you're just using the tape measure to see how big you are and not using it to help you get big you're missing out. Believe me, there's some really clever things you can do with a tape measure that will actually help you grow.
32. How To Refresh Your Instinctive Training Program The instinctive training principle is one of the most effective of all training concepts. Learn how to multiply the benefits.
33. NEW REPORT! How To Build A "Fat Burning" Ring Of Fire Around Your Midsection I'll teach you how to build a Ring Of Fat Burning Fire around your waist that will make you the envy of the gym. Imagine the satisfaction you'll have as you regain your slender teen-age waistline once again!

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